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Canine Power Partners, LLC. (formerly Power Partners K9) has been training owners and their service dog prospects basic and advanced skills, to obtain service dog tasks and public service dog standards since 2014.

The Canine Power Partners objectives are to prepare the dog and owner, the ‘Working Team’, to train, obtain and maintain public service dog tasks and standards and to acquire individual/custom service dog assistance skills and tasks. 

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Our methodical training program documents the entire process: training methods, results, testing and problem-solving methods. Refinement of the working team is a continual process that CPP provides to each client, offering a responsive, individual approach to both the owner’s needs and each dog’s capacity and sensibilities.


CPP evaluates the needs of the client, canine training prospect, and the tasks required for the working service dog to deliver reliable assistance for your needs.


To develop the skills of each ‘Working team’ in-training, Canine Power Partners educates, trains and tests both the owner and the canine partner. As a graduate of the program and to skillfully navigate the public requirements, teams are gradually trained in a variety of settings, with differing distractions and with increasing task precision. We aim to provide teams with the experience required to build confidence and handling skills to suit the home, perform well in public, but to also cope with a crisis.


An integral part of the CPP training program is the continual tracking and training results. With continual tracking of the team’s developing skills and tasks, we refine the training plan and test the reliability of tasks. Each team is unique and develops at a pace that builds skills, confidence and trust in a variety of settings.


Canine Power Partners provides current resources for you to navigate the ever-changing requirements that are required for you to be granted the rights as a person with a disability to have your dog with you in public. Having a service dog trained to public standards is an owner’s continual obligation. Keeping CPP teams informed, prepared and able to perform reliably in public is a high priority, as is supporting and advocating for you and your dog’s rights if challenges arise.

Support for Your Evolving Needs

Living with a disability is challenging, and your needs may be different with time and evolving needs… CPP supports your need to keep your dog’s training current and adaptive to your evolving needs. We aim at developing core skills with your dog that can be refined or at times replaced with a more suitable task. The beauty of the CPP program is that the owner is able to identify the task need and value, and is eventually able to train as needed.

Living with a disability poses challenges but with a well-trained service dog,

owners can live with greater ease and safety – 

knowing that their trained companion is at their side.


“Kate cares about the animals she works with and she cares about the people she helps. I have every confidence that she treats all of those she assists with the dignity and respect she has shown me. She has an innate ability to understand the problem…be it animal or human and is always ready and willing to go several extra miles to help.

If you are sitting on the fence about engaging Canine Power Partners, I suggest you jump down and get busy. What you and your dog will learn will change your life. It did mine and that of my husband.”

Shirley Etta Scott, 2015

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